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 Lonny J Brown

"I was so taken by your wealth of information, your perceptiveness and insight into the challenges we all face in maintaining good health. Thank you for the wonderful contribution you are making in this field."   ~ Vera Armon, Alive! Body, Mind & Spirit, Brookline, MA       

² Holistic Health Counseling  


by phone, email, and in person in the New England region


no charge for initial consultation 

²  Speaking

Lonny Brown's public presentations are always informational, experiential, and inspirational. Lonny is a member of the International Speakers Network. 


The Healing Arts, Past, Present & Future


Complementary & Alternative Medicine 


Contemporary Spirituality & Enlightenment 


 Classes and Workshops

"Your 'How to Relax' program was certainly the highlight of the series. Each of your three programs was delivered within a professional and comfortable atmosphere. You have a wonderful ability to present new ideas in a way that makes it very easy for people to understand." Marilyn Metzler, Health Education Coordinator, Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Keene, NH

  • Transforming Stress
  • Hands-On Healing
  • Self-Actuated Healing©
  • Holistic Health - Theory & Practice
  • Mind/Body Healing
  • Profound Relaxation Techniques
  • Yoga & Meditation

<>  "Yoga for Every Body - The Joy of Stretching"
<>  "Journey Through the Chakras
<>  "Balance - In Yoga as in Life"
<>  "Meditation for Beginners" 
<>  "Sacred Sounds & Spiritual Song"


Lonny demonstrates Salutation to the Sun