The Healing Moment©

    by Lonny J. Brown


Return: After a time of decay comes the turning point.
The powerful light that has been banished returns.
There is movement, but it is not brought about by force...
                                   - I CHING

Very often, when sick people get well, they’ll tell you there was a certain moment when they knew the corner had been turned, and the healing had begun. This is the classic "light at the end of the tunnel" that allows us to endure and begin to repair. Sometimes this transition follows a time of deep despair. Sometimes it accompanies an act of faith, or a dream, or a momentous decision. Invariably, it moves one on a very deep level.

The most memorable and significant instances of healing are those that change not only one’s physical condition, but one’s outlook and life. Such transformative moments may come as grace or good luck, but traditional healers and shamen always intend to create the conditions most conducive to their occurrence. These include physical, psychological, and spiritual factors.

Progressive modern medics too acknowledge the importance of this mysterious combination of forces that make true healing possible. Holistic practitioners use a variety of modalities - ranging from herbal remedies to massage, from counseling to guided imagery - as catalysts for positive change. Individual patients can also train in self-healing techniques to become most receptive. Here’s how:

The Sensation: Breath / Body Release

The physical feeling most conducive to healing is deep relaxation. It is facilitated by releasing all muscle tension and the breath simultaneously. Systematically flex the body from the feet upwards, breathing in through the nostrils, and then quickly release all tightness while exhaling through the mouth. Repeat three times, then rest, effortless and motionless.

The Thought: Affirmation / Prayer / Mantra

Clear your mind and focus on a short phrase that has special meaning to you. For example, Every day in every way, I am getting better and better. Say your healing affirmation repeatedly - either silently or out loud - until it takes on the undeniable quality of truth.

The Image: Healing Visualizations

Picture your system cleaning out all waste, toxins, unhealthy cells, harmful bacteria and viruses. Imagine healing light and colors illuminating your organs and magically balancing all their functions.

The Emotions: Atonement, Gratitude, Awe

Release all negativity such as guilt, anger, and fear. Elicit the most positive emotions associated with the gift of health: a deep sense of peace and timeless contentment. Cultivate your sense of connection to the greater source of all Life. Smile. Laugh out loud!

The Implications: Practical & Ultimate.

With practice, you can learn to quickly and deeply induce the self-healing response at will. Use it to respond to emergencies, reduce stress, control pain, or just get some rest. Remember: simultaneously relax the body, release the breath and muscles, repeat your affirmation, and picture a positive, successful outcome. The more you practice, the more practical and profound the results will be. And you’ll be most prepared for complete healing - be it in body, mind or soul - whenever the need arises.