Live Well, Live Long ©

by Lonny J. Brown

Would you like to add fifteen healthy years to your life? Ask this question of the average American and chances are the answer would be an unqualified "yes." But ask that same average citizen if he or she is willing to give up cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, fast foods, fried foods, fatty animal and dairy products, chocolate, sugar, artificial additives, white bread, over-the-counter drugs, and 95 percent of the commercial products they regularly consume, and you may get a different response. Ask them if they are ready to buy only organic produce, use only botanical medicines, exercise vigorously three times a week, fast once a month, meditate daily, and replace their fears and aggression with love, kindness, and humor, and you'll probably get mostly doubt and hesitation. Yet these behavior modifications are precisely the lifestyle factors known to bestow the extended life-span that everyone says they want. When it comes to taking care of ourselves, it seems that habit and appetite are more powerful than intelligence and good judgment. 

Despite our high standard of living (or perhaps because of it), malnutrition is widespread in the US and we are in 16th place out of 26 developed nations in life-expectancy. Just a few generations ago infectious diseases were the prevailing threat to human life. Today, the major killers and cripplers are lifestyle illnesses: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, asthma, kidney and liver disease... Studies show that children eating the most refined and adulterated diets are most likely to perform poorly in school, exhibit behavioral problems, and get sick. Cancer is now the leading cause of death in children under the age of 15. Something is very wrong here, but we need only look at our own habits to uncover the roots of the problem. 

The "secret" to a long, healthy life is no longer a secret. The evidence of the last 30 years of studying human health is irrefutable: We are responsible for our health, and our everyday choices can make the difference between a happy and long life, or a substantially shorter one plagued by weakness and degenerative disease, and dependent on expensive hospital visits, doctors and dangerous medicines. The bad news is nobody can guarantee you wellness. The good news is you can create it yourself; but you have to begin now and daily reaffirm your commitment to natural, healthy living through your shopping and eating choices, physical activity, and mental and emotional life. 

If you're feeling motivated to make healthy improvements in your life, you don't have to go back to school or read a lot of books to begin. Just eat modest amounts of organic vegetables and fruit, whole grains, beans, seeds, nuts, and sprouts. Eat slowly, chew well, and leave the table before you're full. Use natural seasonings, nutrient supplements and healing foods such as herbs, garlic, nutritional yeast, bee pollen, freeze dried algae. Don't snack on junk between meals, but drink plenty of pure water. Skip a meal occasionally and clean out your system every few months through fasting and high colonic irrigation. Exercise and relax every day. "Play and pray" to recreate your body, mind and soul. 

As the weeks and months turn to years and decades, you'll come to know with the certainty of personal experience that fitness and wellness and longevity are not accidents of fate, but the predictable results of heeding nature's laws. You body and your loved ones will thank you, and you'll not only add years to your life, but save some money (in avoided doctor bills) with which to enjoy it.