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"Lonny was the best of all my yoga teachers. His instructions were always clear and detailed. He was patient, compassionate, and fun. The relaxations he gave at the end of the class were pure bliss. Because of Lonny, I became a teacher and he has influenced my own teaching in so many ways. Thank you, Lonny." 
                                                Valerie Forde-Galvin   Yoga Teacher   Nashua, NH

"Lonny Brown's classes have consistently received the most enthusiastic responses among our participants. His students always speak very highly of his knowledge and enthusiasm."
Clayton R. Stalker, Jr., Community Health Education Specialist, Cheshire Medical Center / Dartmouth -Hitchcock, Keene, NH

"Lonny is a skillful instructor and compassionate caregiver. I found him to be competent and well-qualified, with a true and deep commitment to the health and well-being of others."
                            - Barbara R. Duckett, R.N., M.S., Vice President for Clinical Services, Beech Hill Hospital, Dublin, NH

"I was so taken by your wealth of information, your perceptiveness and insight into the challenges we all face in maintaining good health. Thank you for the wonderful contribution you are making in this field."
                            - Vera Armon, Producer / Host, Alive! Body, Mind & Spirit Brookline, MA

"This class was wonderful, and I enjoyed it very much. I will use these natural methods in my job (maternity) and in my daily life. Thank you, Lonny, for your knowledge and gift. You are a blessing!" 

- undergraduate student, Mt. Wachusett Community College, Gardner, MA

"Mr. Brown is an inspiration to his peers as well as students. His professionalism has been the most outstanding of any teacher I have worked with." 
                            - Kim Henderson, President, Alternative Balance Expos & Retreats, Andover, NH

"We sincerely appreciate your participation in our recent workshop, 'The Spiritual Aspects of Healing.' Your well-informed enthusiasm and support was very encouraging as we began to reach out to the alternative healing community."       

  - Danis Mutchler, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Peterborough, NH

"This has been an informative, mind-expanding day. My senses and mind have been bombarded with food for thought. Most of all, it is presented in a logical pattern and details were explained. Personally, I'm going to work on diet, exercise, meditation and other things suggested to use them as a catalyst for patients. Thanks."
                                - workshop participant and mental health professional, Medfield State Hospital, Medfield, MA

 "Brown's presentation was enlightening to many of our students. He has an obvious passion for and belief in the work he does through meditation, yoga and other forms of healing." 
                                - Pamela Graesser, M.Ed CCMHC, Director of Counseling Services, Rivier College, Nashua, NH

"I heard nothing but positive remarks about your presentation. It was clearly enjoyed by all those attending. Of 70 responses received, 68 indicated a good experience. 
                                 - Janet M. Courchene, Personnel, Monadnock Family Services, Keene, NH

"Lonny was stimulating, thorough, and opened my mind to many new possibilities. I feel it would be important to continue this type of workshop and explore ways we can get wholistic health into the mental health system. Love the experiential part - could have gone on and on. Can we have him back?"                - workshop participant and mental health professional, Medfield State Hospital, Medfield, MA

"This class was terrific. I really love your style of teaching. I learned so much. Thanks! 

-CC, undergraduate student, Mt. Wachusett Community College, Gardner, MA

"Your 'How to Relax' program was certainly the highlight of the series. Each of your three programs was delivered within a professional and comfortable atmosphere. You have a wonderful ability to present new ideas in a way that makes it very easy for people to understand.
                 - Marilyn Metzler, Health Education Coordinator, Cheshire Medical Center/Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Keene, NH

"I want to commend you on your strategy of mixing music, meditation, and lecture with more active games and challenges. Ours is a difficult population, yet they listened attentively and took part in your activities. That shows that they need to hear what you have to say."
                    - Scott Behmer, Coordinator, Vocational School Services, Youth Opportunities Upheld, Inc., Worcester, MA

"Lonny Brown is a great presenter. He speaks kindly, softly and with knowledge. I have recommended him to friends and family. I look forward to another program."
                         - Mind/Body Healing student, April, 2002, Cheshire Medical Center, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Keene, NH

"He consistently receives the highest praise from both staff and students for his teaching talent and personal involvement. Mr. Brown possesses an extraordinary understanding of Eastern philosophy, religion, spiritual practices, and healing." 
                        - Jon M. Stiegel, Director, Counseling and Human Relations Center, Franklin Pierce College, Rindge, NH

"This field of study should be more widespread; if only "the system" were receptive to this approach. It was very enlightening and relaxing experience. Thank you."
                             - workshop participant and mental health professional, Medfield State Hospital, Medfield, MA

"All the volunteers commented on how wonderful they felt upon leaving last evening, and thanked me for having made the preparations to have you come. Your skill and talent is certainly a great benefit to an organization such as ours, and the techniques you showed us will prove very helpful in both our professional and personal lives." 
                            - Marilyn Hull, Education Coordinator, Hospice of the Monadnock Region, Keene, NH

"Your exercises were practical and manageable, and easy and enlivening to learn. I have found myself using them frequently through this week." 
                                        - Marie Kirn, Director, Hospice of the Monadnock Region, Keene, NH

"By all feedback, your presentation was thought-provoking and well received. It not only exposed our audience to a new way of thinking about health, but gave us support as a staff in promoting new approaches." 
                           - Henry Vaillancourt, M.D., Student Health Physician, Bristol Community College, Fall River, MA

" Lonny works well with different experience and comfort levels in people. He seems attuned to the group as well as individual needs, and balances it well."
- Amalie Gooding, MA CMHC, Program Director, Phoenix, House, Keene, NH

"I have heard that you were "wonderful," "fabulous," and that the entire service was just great! 
- Rev. Sarah Clark, Minister, Peterborough Unitarian Church, Peterborough, NH 

"The evaluations we received at the end of the day included many favorable notes. We hope you will enjoy a moment of pleasure and pride for helping to create such a positive experience for so many women."             - Virginia S. Vidaver, Excecutive Director, Home Health Care and Community Services, Keene, NH